About us


Quality and tradition

We are a small, modern-oriented manufacturing company with a successful business tradition of 30 years! We use ecological concepts of manufacturing and selling paper bags, wrapping, baking, arranger paper and other types of paper and cellophane.

With an ever newer, more diverse and better quality range of products, we strive to strengthen our economic reputation through honest business practices. .
We always want to satisfy our business partners no matter how big or small their wishes are, we adjust to the demand, and always respect what is agreed upon

Product assortment

Our product range is intended for anyone who wants to sell goods in attractive organic packaging. Our customer list consists of wholesalers and retailers on the basis of specific preferences or that of a general offer, consisting of:

Supply and sale

With these products we want to cooperate with companies that are in the business of baking, confectionery, fruit growing, florist professions; small, medium and large stores in all kinds of sale areas – in short, trade groups that want to deliver their products (such as food, textiles, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, medicine and more) to the customers with all the business attention and success.

Opt for better

Decide and ask us for more information, tips, samples. Do it for yourself, for your current and future customers. We are at your disposal for any clarifications and information you need from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 2 pm at our corporate headquarters, call us by telephone or contact us by email.

Preradovičeva ulica 22,
2000 Maribor.
+ 386 2 42 00 887
+ 386 31 680 230