Wrapping, packaging and format papers


Havana paper is a semi-grease resistant paper that partially holds the fat


  • In baking, meat and food processing industries
  • intermediate component between the product and other packaging
  • prevents contact with other packaging
  • for cartons and boxes for donuts, pizzas and similar products

Papirolex greaseproof paper

Papirolex greaseproof white or naturally brown paper. High quality greaseproof paper.


  • for wrapping burgers, meat products, pieces of pizza
  • for wrapping cheeses, sandwiches, pastries
  • for wrapping bottles
  • as table setting or intermediate packaging in boxes and bags

Baking paper

Baking paper with silicone coating, optionally reusable.


  • for the protection of baking trays and other packaging for wrapping bottles
  • for wrapping bottles
  • as an intermediate component in the printing of T-shirts and similar items

Felt paper

Felt paper is a white paper, meant to protect against external influences.


  • for protection of food products, flowers and pots
  • protection against damage to glass, clay, ceramic and similar products
  • as an intermediate component with or without advertisement between the product and the box, carrier bag or cardboard packaging

Papirolfol greaseproof paper

Papirolfol greaseproof white paper laminated with foil, which retains heat and fluid.


  • for wrapping burek and other greasy bakery products
  • for wrapping meat delicacies
  • for the intermediate component between cardboard and other packaging and

ovojni papir natron - papirol

Wrapping paper

Wrapping papers are not only used as protective layers, they are increasingly used as an additional secondary or tertiary promotional product packaging.
All wrapping papers except baking paper can be printed with up to six colors.

Wrapping papers can be used for:

  • external protection of products
  • packaging as promotion of a product or brand
  • in formats or rolls of
  • various properties and thicknesses
  • with or without print