Felt paper is a single-layered white paper, it is used for protection against external influences, especially for the protection of food products; for wrapping flowers and potted plants, it is increasingly being used as an additional aesthetic component in the online stores and as an intermediate element between the product and the inside of a carrier paper bag or other packaging.

We adjust the thickness of the paper to its intended purpose.

Available in two format sizes or in rolls, 70 cm wide.

Paper can be printed on both sides in multiple colors.

Print on wrapping pappers

Wrapping papers can be printed in very high quality in one or more colors.
The ability to print at the same time as the paper is being worked, allowing the entire surface to be printed on one or both sides.
Printing Techniques:

  • multicolor flexo printing from the line on all types of wrapping papers
  • multicolor screen printing on all types of wrapping paper


  • infinite or positioned, multicolor printing, on one or both sides
  • across the whole surface, one or both sides
Felt paper, size S
60 x 80 cm
15 kg / 890 pcs
Felt paper, size M
60 x 40 cm
15 kg / 1.790 pol
Felt paper in roll S
Roll width: 70 cm
5 kg / 205 m
Felt paper in roll M
Roll width: 70 cm
10 kg / 410 m

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